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We lecture and teach too!

Find out about our "Cooking With Caviar" classes for your local college, school, organization, or even in your own home!

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Monday Night Dining Series at Kendall College

April 14, 2003

* CLICK HERE * to view the menu!

* CLICK HERE * to view a slide show of this event!

The Sparkling Event 2002

* CLICK HERE * for more information about this and the upcoming 2004 event!

A "Cooking with Caviar" class at "Chez Madelaine"

** Click Here to visit Chez Madelaine's website **

Madelaine Bullwinkle and Carolyn Collins have prepared a caviar and champagne tasting for the class members. Caviars are tasted individually and again prepared as simple serving suggestions with the Champagne Madeline has selected. Students have been given printed detailed descriptions of the varieties of American caviars tasted along with historical and comprhensive current information on the World's caviars.

In Madelaines gracious and spacious kitchen students are given recipes, instructions and the opportunity to take additional notes as the details of preparation are demonstrated.

The end result and reward! Today's main luncheon dish was "Smoked Salmon and Linguine with Accent of ABSOLUT CAVIAR PEPPAR" which was passed with an individual Mother of Pearl spoon for each to spoon on and stir in the peppery golden whitefish caviar. Madeline selected an appropriate red and white wine for pairing with the dish.

Recent "Cooking With Caviar" Attendee Peggy Pannke-Smith

Hi Carolyn -

Thank you so much for the slide presentation and an excellent evening. We all learned a lot and had a great time.

My favorites were the salmon and the peppar and the wasabi tobiko.

Our group is Chicago Mensa, the "high IQ" group. We have regular fine dining and ethnic dining events monthly and many of us adore caviar. Yours was talked about for months afterwards. What a top-quality selection! Thank you for your hospitality. We hope to visit you again!

Peggy Pannke-Smith

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