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prairie star butterworksTM is a new division of the Collins Caviar Company, recently created by Rachel Collins. Over the Company’'s 25-year history, several different compound butters have been produced, both for private label customers as well as sold under our own brand.

Tart Cherry Butter

In the spring of 2009, at the request of a friend’'s new breakfast restaurant in her home State of Michigan, Rachel set out to create a delicious new butter focusing on one of Michigan’'s best loved produce items, the Tart Cherry. Fresh grade-A unsalted butter is whipped with an all-natural reduction of tart cherries and pure sugar, plus a pinch of salt & extra tart lactic acid. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are used. Michigan Tart Cherry Butter stores frozen for up to 10 months, and has a 4 to 6 week shelf life refrigerated.

Michigan Tart Cherry Butter is packed in 5-ounce plastic tubs with a safety seal. The label contains all the information a retailer needs; nutritional information, ingredients and a 'bar code' UPC number. It is also packed in 2-pound bulk tubs for restaurant use, and priced accordingly.

The response to prairie star butterworksTM Michigan Tart Cherry Butter has been incredible! It is exquisite when used as a topping for Pancakes or French toast. Steel-Cut oatmeal is another way to serve the gorgeous blush-pink butter. Dark rosy bits of whole cherries are blended throughout, and have a fabulous, slightly chewy extra cherry impact.

Truffle Butter

Our Truffle Butter is a remarkably flavorful & aromatic condiment. Prairie star butterworksTMBLACK & WHITE TRUFFLE BUTTER is made with premium Italian Black Truffles, White Truffle Oil and fresh Grade-A-butter.

For years, chefs at the finest restaurants in Italy, France and America have been cooking with truffle butter- Collins Caviar now offers this heady, aromatic treasure directly to you. Finish sauces, or create the richest tasting mashed potatoes you've ever had. For a vegetable medley, simply sautéing in Black & White Truffle Butter will bring your meal to new heights. Pasta dishes become sublime when just a little is added to their composition. Use it like a traditional compound butter for presentation on grilled fish, meat or game. Try cooking your scrambled eggs in Truffle Butter for a luxurious breakfast or brunch treat. As an ingredient in a recipe or enjoyed by itself, prairie star butterworksTM Black & White Truffle Butter will take your culinary creations to a whole new level.

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Please contact Rachel Collins for availability and shipping information. 219-809-8100 or 269-231-5100 email:

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